Useful Tools

We have compiled a list of online tools that can help you search properties to buy or sell.


It allows you to view the real estate values in your area and features calculators that enable users to check how they can increase their property’s value.


It is useful for comparing sales for similar types of properties in a given area and learning the value of a certain property.


A great tool for real estate investing, this website allows you to send information about a home that you are considering to purchase or sell. Real estate agents there can bid on your property.

4. Home Predict

Do you want to know the real property values in your location before you list your property for sale? With Home Predict, you can input your home in its system, and it will come up with results that show similar properties and their prices, so you can have an idea how much you will sell your property.


This valuable online place enables users to look for a property or a real estate agent. It also helps users find out the value of the property they are going to buy or sell.


This site is essentially a home appraisal service for residents of Seattle, Washington and the areas close to it.


Always on the go? This site allows you to find out the real estate value of your property for sale, or any home that you are considering to buy through your mobile phone.