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I've seen lots of stylists here in Portland, but none I could fully relax with–I never knew whether I'd come out with the right shade of color (I'm too young to be gray!) or a cut that made me feel sexy. For years, I'd told stylists I wanted to return to my chocolate-brown shade, and yet I kept emerging with jet black hair that glowed blue in the light. Kassandra took the time to really listen and within a year, I'm finally sporting the shade I've been looking for! And her cuts always manage to make the weird poofs and miscellaneous waves of my hair make sense. Kassandra is completely invested in her clients' liking their haircuts–she makes sure that I know how to style my hair on my own so that it looks good more than just on the day I've visited her. And Kassandra is cool. She's down-to-earth, charming, and easy-going. I've finally found my girl! – Alison

From picky teenagers to fussy middleaged dolls struggleing to hold on to some since of "cool" (me) I have never found a disappointed person who went to Kass. She's young. She's savy. I never have to tell her what to do. She knows because she's an artist and I am sooooooooo glad I found her! Truly a dream come true after having kissed more than my share of hair dressing toads who tend to take one look at me, my gray hair and give me what I call the midwest realestate agent cut or the butch lesbian look. Kassandra's cut makes me look and feel ten years younger and validates the indivualist in me as a performing artist. I'm a singer/songwriter. I want to feel unique! Kassandra's cuts always make my self esteem soar at age 48yrs. – Leslie

The first time I met Kassandra was a couple of years ago when she was working at a salon in Northeast Portland. I walked in off the street, hoping there would be someone available to give me a cut that day. Luckily for me, Kassandra had an opening right then. After that day I knew I'd found my new hairdresser. She understood what I wanted and how to work with the texture of my hair. She excels at giving beautiful haircuts that don't require a lot of maintenance or styling to look great on a daily basis. Since she started her own salon, the experience of having a haircut or color by Kassandra has gotten even better. The Ginger Suite is a lovely, private space. The decorating and layout of the salon are beautiful and the little extras that she has for sale are fun to browse through. For me a visit to the Ginger Suite always feels like a fun and relaxing trip to visit a great friend, not just another salon appointment. – Anja

Kassandra is one of those rare stylists who is blessed not only with a remarkable talent, but also an amazing personality. Every time I leave The Ginger Suite Salon I feel dapper and ship-shape. My only regret is that my hair doesn't grow faster, so that I had an excuse to go more often. – Lucas

I came to Portland in 2006 and was desperately looking for a hairstylist that could handle my course Asian hair. I was so happy to have found Kassandra after trying out several hairstylists. They were okay, but she really understood how to handle my hair. What I also like about Kassandra is that she surprises me every time with a different style cut. No matter how she cuts or styles my hair, I always leave feeling sassy, vintage chic, sexy and so hip! I have had many compliments on my hair and it makes me feel so good! Also, the Ginger Suite is such a nice place to go to. All I can say is get on over and check it out! – Nancy


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