Short-Sale Pre-Foreclosure Investing Advice: How to Negotiate with a Homeowner

Are you into short sale pre foreclosure investing? If you are going to negotiate with a homeowner, the best way to make a good connection is to approach that person directly. You’ve got to get the short sale, so take your time to do the necessary preparations before you start your short sale negotiation.

Be prepared before talking to the homeowner

Planning what you are going to say is a crucial step in your pre-foreclosure deal. So collect adequate information about pre-foreclosure investing because it will come in handy when the time comes you have to talk to the homeowners.

Be courteous and respectful

Before you introduce your proposal to a homeowner, ask the homeowner if he or she is willing to spare a few minutes for the short sale negotiation.

Be strategic and tactful

At this point, the negotiation for the short sale will begin. A good strategy for opening a conversation is to talk about jobs, kids, or pets and then slowly shift the topic to the pre-foreclosure deal.

During your conversation, try to avoid mentioning “foreclosure” or suggesting in any way that the homeowner is to be blamed for the pre-foreclosure. It is important to make the homeowner feel that you are on his or her side.

So how can you be careful while being honest? Instead of saying bluntly that you have noticed that the homeowner was not keeping up with the payments, you can say that you have noticed that the bank was going to foreclose on the property.

Or you can say that, according to your research, the homeowner was having problems regarding the property. The homeowner is facing a financial difficulty, and you do not want to make them feel more miserable by giving them the impression that you are going to take advantage of the situation.

Once you have already gained the trust and confidence of the homeowner, you can begin the discussion on your main purpose, that is, to offer help on the pre-foreclosure.

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